When to Send Your Thank Yous

Are you still basking in the glow of a beautiful bridal shower thrown in your honor? Don't lose the glow when you realize you have to send thank yous! Writing them doesn't have to be a chore (especially when you have these pretties) but it's important to be timely when you thank your people.

Etiquette doesn't vary much when it comes to writing your thank yous. Typically, you should send them out between two to three weeks after a bridal shower. The same applies when Pyrex tupperware from your aunt randomly shows up on your doorstep before your nuptials.

For gifts you receive at your wedding, etiquette gives you a little more time. Thank yous should be signed, sealed and delivered within three months of your wedding. 

If this stresses you out, don't panic! People aren't waiting by their mail boxes for your thank you card. Most understand that wedding planning and post-wedding life can be busy. Set a date on your calendar or a reminder on your phone to spend 30 minutes writing out your notes.

And if you're in need of a few pretty (and even personalized!) thank you cards, come on over to the shop. I can help you out!

DIY Lavender Hand Sugar Scrub

How about a little DIY wedding de-stresser post for your Wednesday? If you're in the thick of wedding planning, you probably are looking for any way to de-stress. This simple 5-minute DIY sugar scrub will do just the trick. I love it so much that I'm planning on using it every night before I go to bed to breath in the lavender and out the stress. It only takes three ingredients and a mason jar. Easy.

Also, big thanks to Lemon Lime Adventures, where I was inspired for this scrub! 

- 1 1/2 cups of sugar
- 1/4 cup of oil (I used olive)
- lots of drops of lavender essential oil (I only used eight drops of lavender at first and it wasn't strong enough for me. Don't be afraid to be generous!)

Pour your sugar into a bowl and add the oil and lavender essential oil. Stir together and slide it into a mason jar. Finished!

Green & White Color Inspiration for a Simple, Neutral Wedding

Looking for some fresh inspiration for your neutral wedding? Or wanting to add more greenery to your outdoor reception? I've pulled together a few stunning inspiration photos for you to do just that!

Clockwise, starting top left: Photo by Jessica Kettle via Grey Likes Weddings | The Tabitha Shop thank you cards | Photo by The Image Is Found | Photo by Vicki Grafton & Florals by Dariana Florals via Wedding Sparrow | Photo by Megan Clouse via Love Wed Bliss | Photo by Tamara Gruner via Wedding Chicks


A Complete Guide to Wedding Signs (Part3): Eleven Signs for Your Reception

 Wedding Reception Sign - Wedding Planning Help

Rounding up this three part series on wedding signage today with where the party is really at: the reception!

Your signage will of course depend on your venue, style and budget, but I've thought of every sign I possibly could for your reception! These will help your guests feel welcomed and the party to hit the perfect tone.

I've listed eleven different signs you might want, as well as DIY posts (if you decided to go the crafty route!), beautiful signs to purchase, and a link to my Pinterest board for more inspiration!

If you want some help with deciding on your budget, time and style,

I can help you out here or if you're looking for the signs you need at your ceremony, I've got ya covered here

 Watercolor Copper Accented Escort Cards

DIY: Watercolor Copper Accented Escort Cards from The Tabitha Shop

1. Escort Cards

Ok, this may be one of the most tricky parts of your wedding signage: knowing the difference between escort cards and place cards. I'll make it easy for you: escort cards escort your guests to their tables. Place cards are already on the table to mark your guest's spot.

You may choose to opt out of this one, depending on how you're arranging your seating, but in case you do want to help your guests out, I've got a few ideas for you...

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Wedding Calligraphy Seating Arrangement

Purchase: Wedding Table Plan by Moon and Tide

2. Seating Arrangement

Again, whether or not you have a seating arrangement will depend on your venue and style of wedding. But after looking at this stunning piece from Moon and Tide, I would probably decide to have one. ;)

Need some ideas?

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

Or, if you've got a casual vibe going on for your wedding, you may want your guests to sit wherever they so choose! In which case, I have a few more ideas for you.

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Laser Cut Wooden Names

Purchase: Laser Cut Wooden Names by The Beeze Knees

3. Place Cards

Ok, we are almost out of the woods with this whole table signage business. The last thing you want to consider is if you want to use place cards at the tables. After your guests have picked up their escort card or checked the seating arrangement board, they will now know where at the table you'd like for them to sit.

This process could certainly get exhausting (and stressful - what if you don't want one person to interact with another one?) so this may be more practical for you at the rehearsal dinner or for smaller weddings.

Here are a few pretties to look at if you'll be going the place card route...

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Wedding Drinks Menu

DIY: Signature Drinks Menu Printable by Little But Pretty

4. Drink menu

Make sure to let your guests know what you're serving! If you'll be serving alcohol at the reception, a cute little sign at the bar will inform your guests what they can sip on while they party the night away.

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Laser Cut Wooden Table Numbers

Purchase:Wooden Table Numbers by the Duo Studio

5. Table Numbers

Get their guests to their tables! Of course, this will depend largely on whether or not you use a seating arrangement. For more casual seating, you can still include this lovely bouquet or something sentimental to you.

A few ideas?

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Wedding Menu

Purchase: Menu by The Tabitha Shop

6. Menu

A perfect touch for your table if you are about as excited about the meal as you are about the dancing, these menus let your guests know what culinary delights await them!

Purchase // Inspiration

 Wedding Chair Sign

7. Mr. & Mrs chair signs

Oh, I wish we had done this at our wedding! I absolutely love these "mr" and "mrs" chair signs, delicately hung on the back of your chair. They make for beautiful photos of you and your (now!!) hubs sitting in a chair with your friends surrounding you while feasting. How special and sweet! You could do a "mr" and "mrs" or "better" and "together" or "his forever" and "her only". You've got lots of options!

If you'd like some ideas, I've got a few for ya...

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Wedding Dessert Sign

Purchase: Eat Cake Sign by Chalk in Hand

8. Food/dessert table

Your catering company will most likely take care of any signs for food if it's needed. If you're serving up the meal in your mom's kitchen, then a few signs indicating the food may be helpful.

The dessert table is definitely the most fun for signs. You can get playful with desserts and if you're pulling together an ice cream/candy bar, make sure to let your guests know all the ingredients available to them!

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Wedding Favors Sign

Purchase: Favor sign by Flora South Design

9. Party favors

If you opt to thank your guests for coming with some favors, make sure to let them know to grab them! Your signage will vary for your favors (we left ours on the table for guests to take home), but here is some inspiration for you...

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Wedding Hashtag Sign

DIY: Wedding Hashtag Printable by Save and Print

10. Hashtag Sign

Welcome to the 21st century where we hashtag our weddings - and I love it. How fun to scroll through your personalized hashtag and see your wedding through your guest's eyes! These signs will help your guests know where to add that picture of your niece and nephew swinging their arms to "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash while holding hands on the dance floor.

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Wedding Photo Booth Sign

Inspiration: photo by the Reason via Ruffled Blog

11. Photo booth

Last (but definitely still important!) to think about with your wedding signs is your photo booth! If you have hired a company to set up for you, they may already have a sign for you. But, if you want a personalized touch, set up a pretty way to guide your guests to that booth.

DIY // Inspiration

I hope this guide was helpful for you! Do you have any other signs you'd include in this guide? Comment below! I'd love to hear from you. Otherwise, happy planning!


A Complete Guide to Wedding Signs (Part 2): Nine Signs You Need At Your Ceremony

 Wedding Ceremony Sign Help

I hope last week's post was helpful for you to determine your budget, style and time with your wedding signs!

Today, we're diving into the nitty gritty details of all the signs you might want at your ceremony. Although the options are honestly endless and depend widely on your venue and style, these ceremony signs will help you get going on determining what you need for your ceremony.

I've listed nine different signs you might want, as well as DIY posts (if you decided to go the crafty route!), beautiful signs to purchase, and a link to my Pinterest board for more inspiration!

If you're looking for the first part of the series (where we talk about style, budget and time), you can find it here!

And if you want to skip straight to the reception, here you go!

 Wedding Welcome Sign

DIY: Printable Sign from The Brumby Nest

1. Welcome Sign

Since you won't exactly be at the front of the ceremony welcoming in your guests, let the sign do all the work for you. This will most likely be your guests' first interaction with your wedding, so make it large and beautiful!

If you need a little help with ideas, here are a few....

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Wedding Guest Book Sign

DIY: Printable Guest Book Sign by Little Carabao Studio

2. Sign the Guest Book

If you want your guests to sign a puzzle piece, find their birthday on a calendar or write advice cards for your guest book, make sure to let them know what to do.

If you need a little help with ideas, here are a few....

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Gifts and Cards Wooden Sign Rustic Wedding

Purchase: Wooden Gifts & Cards Sign by Flora South Designs

3. Gift Table

Usually at the front of the ceremony, the gift table will let you guests know they can drop off their pretty little packages right there. Add a sign to make sure guests don't think it's just a random table.

If you need a few ideas...

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Choose a Seat not a side wedding sign

Inspiration: Photo by Elizabeth Fogarty via Style Me Pretty

4. Seating Arrangement

If you have people whose friendships span both the bride and the groom's life, then forcing them to "pick a side" at the wedding can be a little awkward. A new trend (which I'm seriously loving) is to let guests sit wherever they'd like - to pick a seat, not a side.

If you want a few ideas...

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 Wooden Wedding Program Sign

Purchase: Wedding Program Sign by Mulberry Market Design

5. Programs

To save on costs, many couples are now putting their program on a sign while also welcoming in their guests. You could easily make this one by hand or if you've got a million bridesmaids, hand it to an expert.

A few ideas?

DIY //Purchase // Inspiration

 here comes the bride sign

Inspiration: Flower Girl Sign by The Ritzy Rose

6. Here Comes The Bride

Something cute (and maybe a little sassy) for your ring bearer or flower girl to hold while walking down the aisle is a sweet detail to add.

Here are a few ideas for ya...

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 in loving memory wedding sign

DIY: In Loving Memory Downloadable Print by The Party Tree Studio

7. Honoring Lost Loved Ones

Although your wedding day will be one of the most joyful days of your life, you may also feel a shade of sadness for those you wish were there with you. There are several ways to remember your lost loved ones, but here are a few sign ideas for you to remember them.

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 reserved seats for wedding

DIY: Reserved Signs by Something Turquoise

8. Reserved Seats

Make sure you save a seat for your parents, any step-parents, grandma and grandpa, any siblings or other family members! Although most people attending a wedding realize that the front row is reserved, it's a nice personalized touch to your chairs. It also makes for great photos and can help your VIP family feel even more special.

If you want some ideas...

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

 unplugged wedding ceremony sign

Purchase: Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Sign by Rich Design Co.

9. Unplugged Ceremony

And lastly, if you want your guests to be fully present (and not standing in the middle of the ceremony so that they can get just the right shot), let them kindly know to please put away their devices before the ceremony begins.

A few ideas, you say?

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

Hope these nine ideas help you think through your wedding ceremony well! Next week, we'll talk about the reception. See you then!

A Complete Guide to Wedding Signs (Part 1)

 wedding sign help

Hey, bride. I see you. You're overwhelmed and anxious. You've been looking forward to your wedding day for so long and now that it's here, you're stuck between decision paralysis or freak out about everything. Wasn't this supposed to be a fun process?

If you've been oohing and aahhing over Pinterest pictures and stumbled on a photo with the most beautiful wedding signage, you may have suddenly remembered that you don't have a way to tell people how to smush their thumb into a stamp pad for your finger-print guest book or that the rows of candies sitting on the table at the front of the reception are favors for taking and eating.

Details like signs at your wedding can easily slip through the planning cracks. You've got everything from your dress to the honeymoon worked out, but things like how to welcome guests and what drinks will be served at the reception might have slipped your mind.

Commence the freak out.

 wedding planning

We've all been there. I lived by my master checklist while I was planning a wedding seven years ago but having someone walk me through the details would have been so helpful for me at the time. As a bride, I (and probably you too) had to put on my event coordinator hat in order to juggle it all, which means paying close attention to the details.

So that's why I've pulled together a series of three posts designed to help you step away from the freak out and into control when it comes to details like wedding signs. We'll talk about the upfront decisions you should make (budget, style, time constraints), what should be at your ceremony, and what should be at your reception. My hope is that you'll walk away with confidence in knowing what to have at your wedding and peace to enjoy the rest of your engagement, as you should!

Even if you only have a few weeks or days until your wedding, you'll still be able to create beautiful signage all within your budget after the series!

Want to skip ahead? I've got the ceremony signs and the reception signs covered for you!

 wedding planning

So for today's post, we'll be talking about those upfront decisions you should make when it comes to wedding signs. Don't worry - you've probably already made these decisions. Now it's just time to think of them in the context of wedding signs.

#1: Budget 

Knowing how much you can spend on your wedding signage will largely dictate the rest of your steps. If you have thousands of left over dollars sitting around after everything else has been purchased (haha, rriiigghhhttt) then you can spend it all on laser-cut signs and personalized calligraphy. Or, if funds are a bit tighter (maybe this sounds a little more like it?) you can splurge on your welcome sign and purchase printable signs that you can easily pop into a $5 Walmart photo frame. The options are endless, so if you're able to set boundaries early, it'll make the decision-making process all the easier.

#2: Style

What colors/style do you want your signs to be? Do you want them to match or have a cohesive theme throughout? This should correspond to the theme or style you've chosen for your wedding. If you're going for a rustic look, then maybe all of your signs could be made from an old barn door or have a wooden feel to them. If you've weaved deep burgundy or pastel peach through your flowers and dresses, add an element of that color to each sign. They certainly don't have to match (although that could make it easier on you). At the least, keep a consistent theme throughout your signage.

#3: Time 

To DIY or not to DIY? To help you answer that question, ask yourself how much time you have. DIY projects almost always take longer than you think they will. If you think a project will take you an hour, double it, while also taking into account the time to find the materials, have them shipped to you (or you traveling to the store) and any mess-ups that may happen. Although DIY is fun and allows your creative input, don't sacrifice your stress level if you don't have to!

On the other hand, DIY can save you a decent amount of money. If you feel confident in your time, style and budget, then jump right in! In the next few posts, I will include links to DIY resources for you to make it yourself.

I hope this has been a helpful first step for you in determining some of your wedding details! In the next post, we'll talk about what signage to have at your ceremony, including DIY posts and pretty ones to purchase. See you next week!

Fresh Coat of Paint for our Dining Room

Today's post is for all of you brides who can't wait to start nesting. Sure, you're excited about the wedding, but it's the pulling together of a cozy, comfortable home for you and your husband that really gets your heart fluttering.

We purchased our 1972 home six months ago and have been slowly making updates here and there. Thankfully, this 3 bedroom 2 bath place was professionally flipped before we signed the papers, so all of our updates are geared toward making the house more of our aesthetic, instead of making it livable.

Most recently, we tackled our dining room. This project was affectionally called "The Wall" around here. Like most house projects, our process started with a simple question: "What if we painted this wall a dark color?" which turned into an obsessive Pinterest research binge which turned into a Thursday evening Home Depot run. A gallon of primer, a gallon of Behr's "Cracked Pepper" and a few paint rollers later and we had ourselves a pretty new wall.

There were, of course, quite a few obstacles in the in-between, though.

This is a before picture, taken a few months before our wall project and right before we replaced that admittedly-nice-but-bulky-and-boring chandelier, which is one of the ways we are making this place a little bit more "us".

The biggest thorn in my side for this project was the intense and pervasive texture on these walls. You can't escape it anywhere in this place. This picture was the general landscape of the wall behind our dining table. I wanted it gone.

So, I tried to even it out by spreading all purpose joint compound or "mud" all over but the process proved far too time-consuming and messy for me. I read several DIY and forum posts that explained the exhausting and terrible process of covering up the texture. I was resolving to just forever leave the texture, until a friend rescued me by suggesting to "just scrape it off." Duh.

My husband and I tried it the next day and the stuff came off like butter. We lightly dampened an area with a spray bottle and after a few minutes' soak, carefully scraped it off with a taping knife. We would pull swaths of it off the wall, as if the wall was just waiting for us to rid it of its bumpy prison.

We were lucky to find a newly installed dry wall underneath the texture. After some quick sanding, we layered three thick coats of primer and an additional three coats of the paint on the wall. Clearly, we're not messing around.

But the results were oh so worth it! We love it! My husband, ever the wood worker, has cut and stained some cedar shelving that will go in the back right corner and we'll put a plant in the left corner, closest to the window, while leaving the middle of the wall completely blank. It doesn't need much on it - it's so pretty all by itself.

As we continue to update the house, I'll keep showing you around. In the meantime, you can fantasize about your future dining room by clicking through my dining room Pinterest board. If you follow me on Pinterest, I'll keep you inspired with so much more to come!

DIY Watercolor Copper Accented Escort Cards

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm coming at you today with a new type of post. The Tabitha Shop blog is currently a work in progress as I experiment how best to serve you guys through it! So today, we're testing out a little DIY. 

If you're planning a pastel or jewel-toned wedding, these copper accented escort cards would be perfect for you! They're relatively easy to make and use materials you can easily find at your local craft store or on Amazon. Depending on the number of your guests, however, it could be a little tedious to hand write all of them. So plan accordingly! 


  • Sheets of 3"x4" watercolor paper
  • Cutting tool to cut that paper
  • White oil-based Sharpie (I found oil-based was far better than a regular Sharpie!) 
  • Square paint brush 
  • Martha Stewart copper metallic paint 

Step 1: After cutting your watercolor paper down to size, squirt out a small amount of copper paint.

Step 2: Load up your paint brush with whatever color you'd like. I would recommend a darker color so that the copper and white stand out much more! Jewel tones is what I chose for my color palette.

Step 3: Carefully dip the flat part of your square brush into the copper paint. You don't want to put too much on - just enough to cover the brush so you can use it later to put on your copper accents.

 Step 4: Flip over your brush so that the color side is facing down. Then carefully drag your paint brush across in one swipe. Some of the copper from the other side might seep in, which is exactly what you want! Continue to swipe across until you've filled in your area.

Step 5: I chose to leave a heavy amount of white space, but if you'd prefer to fill in the whole card with paint that's an option too! After you've swiped across a few times, you may already have some copper accents weaving through your watercolor. If you'd like more or don't have any accents yet, flip over your brush and very lightly sweep through the watercolor. You don't want to push too hard or you'll get a giant glop so be very careful and slow doing this.

Step 6: Let your watercolor dry for at least 10-15 minutes. After drying, bust out your Sharpie and get to work lettering. If you're uncomfortable using the Sharpie freehand, try practicing a few times on a blank piece of paper. And remember to make more should you make any mistakes!

All of my cards needed at least two coats of the Sharpie. Don't be afraid to go back over a few times as needed!

And ta da - you're finished! Let me know if you try this - I'd love to see it!  


Four Ways to Remember Lost Loved Ones At Your Wedding

 remembering lost loved ones at wedding

For many of you, one of the most beautiful days of your lives could be tainted with a hint of sadness. Parents, grandparents, siblings or even best friends who should have been front and center in your wedding are sadly absent.

Weddings are in celebration of relationships and when some of those relationships end far too soon, the hole can feel gaping. Although those loved ones may not be sitting in the front row or standing beside you, remembering them in a special way on your wedding day can bring great healing. Here are four ways to do that:

 bouquet locket

Photo by Axel & Berg Photography via One Fab Day

 1. Pin a locket of photos on your bouquet.

This beautiful and sweet way to remember your loved ones allows you to walk down the aisle with them still. Lockets can easily be purchased on Etsy or Ebay. String a ribbon through the top and tuck it into your bouquet. Simple and elegant.

 wedding guest table photos

Photo by Popcorn Photography via Wedding Playbook

2. Set up photos of them on the guest table.

You may not be able to dance with them on the dance floor, but they're still welcoming everyone to the party. Make sure you highlight your favorite memories with them in these photos to remember all of those sweet times. And if you become a little sad during the reception, there is no shame in grabbing one of those photos and bringing it out with you on the dance floor!

 in loving memory wedding sign

Sign by Paper Dainty

3. Set up a sign at the ceremony. 

A sweet and subtle reminder of all those we wish could be there, this pretty sign would make an excellent addition to a table. Place the programs or gifts nearby to make it a beautiful entrance to your ceremony. 

 in loving memory wooden sign

Sign by Mulberry Market Design

4. Reserve a seat for them in the front row. 

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to remember. They aren't watching you start this new journey, but saving them a seat is a sweet way of saying that you wish they were. Add their favorite flower or even a picture of them to really carry their memory.


How to Keep Perspective While Wedding Planning

 give back wedding

If you're in the thick of wedding planning, you are probably gripping on to the last shreds of your sanity. Weddings are elaborate, detailed, expensive events and they can uncomfortably and quickly morph normal brides, like yourself, into drama-creating, obsessive-Pinteresting stress balls. You may not even feel like yourself. You may have snapped at your mom over what favors to purchase last night or whined to your fiancee over the weekend that nothing seems to be going your way.

I hear ya. Weddings are supposed to be glorious affairs to celebrate your love and exercise your creativity. But sometimes, we get misguided. Sometimes, we become so wrapped up in the big that we forget the important. Sometimes, we want the right now that we forget the future. And, as a result, we see some ugly that we don't really like.

I believe that one of the best ways to combat that nasty bridezilla mindset can be giving back. Using your wedding to also bless others can help you pull your head out of the insanity and back into reality. Here are a few ways you can do that. 

1. Give to charity in lieu of favors. 

Perhaps one of the best favors I ever received at a wedding was a small note on the table explaining that their gift to me was helping other people in the community. Although you can buy fun favors that your guests would actually want to keep, sometimes the sweetest gift is a reminder that we're all in this together. 

2. Purchase fair-trade. 

It may take you a little bit of work to incorporate this into your wedding, but it's nothing that a quick Pinterest search couldn't solve. You've got an engagement ring, a wedding dress, rehearsal dress, jewelry, and paper goods to purchase. Why not go fair trade or give back? You're leaving a wake of blessing with each purchase! 

3. Hire a caterer who employs the disabled. 

Although this option may not be available to every one, it's worth looking into. Many restaurants have begun to employ adults with disabilities and you could be able to weave them into your wedding. Even if the restaurant may not be capable of catering a whole wedding, you could purchase breakfast there for your bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding. Or, make a reservation for friends and family the day after your wedding. Even in a small way, you can be a blessing to the disabled. 

4. Write thank you notes to everyone, all the way to the janitorial staff at the venue. 

I have never heard anyone regret sending or receiving a thank you card, especially after a hard day's work. Pulling together a wedding can be exhausting, so taking the time to thank people will help to keep you grounded. 

5. Ask people to give to charity instead of presents. 

This one may be the most outrageous way to give back. It's ok if you balk a little bit at it. I don't think I would have done this. We needed sheets and plates and towels. So if you're up to the challenge of forgoing all of your wedding gifts for charity, go for it. But if that seems a little too much, perhaps include a request to donate to charity on your custom registry (link to custom registry). Or, if you're getting new items, drop your gently used older ones at a local women's shelter. 

6. Donate your dollar dance money. 

It's a new thing at weddings to snag a dance with the bride or groom while slipping a twenty in a boot or basket. If you're planning on incorporating it into your wedding, maybe consider donating a portion of that to the local food bank or women's shelter. If you've already have your honeymoon completely paid for, why not?


10 Wedding Instagrammers To Follow

Ever since the moment you said "yes" to that man on one knee, you may have been following @brides, @theweddingwire and @stylemepretty on Instagram. And I don’t blame you. If Instagram was around when I was getting married, I would have too. But in case you’re looking to add a little more flavor to your wedding Insta feed, here are ten Instagrammers sure to give you all the inspo you could ever want.


1. Meredith Jane Photography Photography

I always get a little excited when I see one of Meredith's photos pop up. She has curated her own beautiful photos into a lovely, light feed. She also regularly publishes helpful (and gorgeous) blog posts to help you keep those creative juices flowing!

2. Gigi Mallatt - @gigimallattevents - Wedding Planning/Design

I accidentally stumbled onto Gigi's IG account just this morning, probably because I was falling through that proverbial Instagram rabbit hole. But, this time, it actually proved valuable. Gigi seems to have an effortless, sophisticated and still fun style that would make for a stunning wedding.

A post shared by Sweet Mūn (@sweet.mun) on

3. @sweet.mun - Travel

A honeymoon planner with a gorgeous website. Ugh, genius. Weddings, quite frankly, are stressful enough without the added pressure of having a dream honeymoon. I would have most definitely let Lauren plan our honeymoon.

A post shared by Jen Brazeal (@jenbrazeal) on

4. @jenbrazeal - Photography

Based out of my alma mater's town (gig 'em, Ags!), Jen has a beautiful and soulful aesthetic. I also love reading how she started out as a school teacher and transitioned into photography full-time. Don't you just love supporting people who make their dreams happen?


5. @littleepicurean - Cakes/Food

YUM. In case you'd like a little bit of cake and reception food inspiration, Maryanne has got you covered. With the weather heating up a bit in Texas, this Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream cake is screaming my nameeeee.

6. @vintagepostageshop - Paper Goods

For whatever reason, vintage postage stamps are just more romantic than your normal ones. I love interpreting the culture based off of the stamps from years gone by. Especially when stamps cost only 15 cents. These would be absolutely stunning to add to your wedding invites!


7. @rhiannonbosse - Wedding Planning

I've been following Rhiannon for years. Way before I even thought about dipping my toes into the wedding industry, I was constantly inspired by her beautiful floral arrangements and impeccable work ethic. I have little doubt you won't be able to find some inspirational shots on her feed.


8. @whimsicalwonderlandweddings - Wedding Blog

Lovely photos, links to stunning dresses and vendors, and loads of inspiration fill this feed. It's a UK-based blog so they use words like "besotted" and feature Union Jack decor so you'll probably almost instantly feel more sophisticated!


9. @celiagraceweddingdresses - Wedding Dresses

I'm all about giving back with our work and Celia Grace is the only (that I'm aware of) wedding dress supplier who does just that. Dresses are made fairly and for each dress sold, a child in Cambodia gets a school uniform. Add to that do-goodness the fact that you can try on these stunning and flattering dresses at home and you've got a perfect combination.


10. @cakeandlaceblog - Wedding Blog

Complete with referrals to hand-picked professionals, styled shoots and real weddings, this blog is a helpful guide in planning your day. Scrolling through this feed makes me wish that I had a digital BFF like this to help me plan!

christmas wedding inspiration

Cinnamon sticks, pine cones and bright red cranberries. A cozy candle-lit dinner on a long farm table.    A long sleeved lace white dress.

These are the things Christmas wedding dreams are made of! If my husband and I were to do it again, I think we would seriously consider a holiday wedding. So enchanting, so romantic.

If you're thinking about tying the knot this time next year, here's some inspiration!

Get even more ideas on my Christmas wedding Pinterest board

Get more ideas from my Christmas wedding Pinterest board

printable gift list

Happy Tuesday!

If you're in the thick of wedding season, chances are that you're (or have been) a little stressed. It's easy to forget details, not know what you're "supposed to do" or feel the pressure to make sure everyone is included.

A major way to help eliminate that stress is to write everything down! Put pen to paper, make a big list, fill out notebooks. Don't be afraid to write out long, long lists.

On one of those lists is to write thank you notes after showers. My hope for this blog is to help you make your wedding season a little more special, even if in a small way. It's why I pulled together this little printable gift list for you. Print out as many as you need and use them to record your gifts, who gave them to you and if you've sent your thank you notes!

Hope this makes your planning season just a little less stressful and a little more sweet!

10 personalized bridesmaid gift ideas

They've been with you through thick and thin, saw your relationship start and grow, and you couldn't do life without them. Late night deep conversations on the floor of your dorm, inside jokes, and maybe even peanut butter and jelly BFF bracelets in the 5th grade. 

However you found them, bridesmaids are a blessing. Their excitement for the next step in your life and willingness to sacrifice time to make you feel special are not to be overlooked! Here are ten ways you can thank those special ladies on your wedding day. 

1. Personalized floral robes by Joyful Tidings Boutique

Not only do the pictures turn out stunning, but these robes can be worn again and again!

2.  Gold Triangle Initial Necklace by Moon Tide Jewelry

This simple and sweet necklace would make a great addition to a bridesmaid box filled with other dainty goodies.

3. Custom Stamped Soap by Vice and Velvet 

These soaps are stunning! Pair them with the initial necklace and you've got a lovely gift.

4. Personalized Journal by boRann

For your friends who always have their nose in a book and a pen in their hand.

5. Personalized Ring Dishes by ModernMud

Love, love the personality each of these ring dishes can show for each of your different bridesmaids!

6. Personalized Glasses by aboutthatwedding

These would make fun photo props for morning-of shots, too!

7. Personalized Wine Glasses by EverythingDecorated

Or if you'd like a more subdued look with a little less gold.

8. Personalized linen bags by Indigo Tangerine

These bags are beautiful and big enough to carry everything!

9. Linen Foldover Clutch by Pretty Lou Lou

Linen is such a beautiful blend of casual and classy.

10. Embroidered Initial Necklace by buligia

Simple and sweet! Could even be cute if everyone wore them on your wedding day.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I'll receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting The Tabitha Shop!

6 ways to give back with your wedding

The statistics can be overwhelming and the reality, so depressing. We all want to make our world a better place, but the problems seem unsurmountable. As soon as we make progress in bringing vaccines or enacting legislation, another virus or another issue spikes in devastation.

Although it can feel like the problems are outpacing the solutions, the truth is that change can happen one small act of love at a time.

Avalanches build snowflake by snowflake. Houses are built brick by brick. And the world can improve one little action by one little action.

Today, I pulled together just a few of those ways you can add your small act of love with your wedding! Here are six ways you can give back during your "I do" season.

1. Hotel

Honeymooning in the Nashville area? Make sure to stop by the Purpose Hotel, where opportunities to give back run aplenty. From fair trade linens to humanitarian art, this hotel promises to create as much life change as possible. The project was recently funded on Kickstarter, so construction most likely won't begin until 2017. But, keep an eye on it and even if you're just looking for a future getaway trip with your new hubby, it'll definitely be worth a visit.

2. Wedding Dress

All the sentimental feelings come out when it's your wedding season. And with good reason. This will be the only time you walk down the aisle, so you want to make it special. Restitch Studio is the perfect solution for making your wedding dress a sentimental piece. Denise will take any fabric you may have and create a custom dress for you. You can grab your grandma's dress she always wore and fashion it into a stunning gown. Or maybe you want to wear your mom's dress but with a few modern updates. She can do it for you! And you can rest assured you're not purchasing a dress made unfairly!

3. Cookie favors

This one is for all of you Southern California natives. Give is a gourmet cookie company centered on giving back. Fair-trade ingredients are baked into these delicious circles of chocolate and sugar. And, Give also donates a portion of its profit. If you're in the Southern California area, these cookies would make a perfect wedding favor!

4. Bridesmaid gift 

Pouches are one of the most handy items in my bathroom drawers. They keep my makeup tidy and my nail polishes contained. These sweet little pouches would make lovely little bridesmaid gifts! Stuff them with some nail polish, gift cards and a thank you note to your sweet friends. Plus, these pouches (and the totes!) are made by women in India who have left the sex trade and found freedom.

5. Dress for rehearsal or showers

A perfect little dress for your showers or rehearsal dinner! Made at a fair trade cooperative in India, this lace overlay dress is a stunning way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

6. Necklace for showers or rehearsal

I love dainty, minimal and stunning jewelry. This little number fits all of those categories. Designed by Candace Cameron Bure and her daughter, these sweet necklaces benefit women all over the world.  The women who makes these pieces are given the dignity of an income and the hope of a future. Pair these with the Matatrader black dress and you're ready for your showers, rehearsal or one last date before you become a Mrs!

Christmas Gift Guide for the Newly Engaged

'Tis the season for present wrapping, Christmas caroling and chestnuts roasting! Even though we're a week away from Thanksgiving, only five more Sundays separate us from Christmas Day. I'll be soaking in the cheesy holiday movies, fresh pine smell, and dazzling holiday lights. All while trying not to freak out about getting every one a gift, of course.

One of the best ways I've found to keep my Christmas shopping on track is a list. (Really, I think most of my problems could be solved with a list.) I write down everyone's name, what they want and where I'll purchase it. Usually the hardest part about that list, however, is knowing what they want. If I'm surprising a friend or have a family member who replies to "nothing" when asked their Christmas list, the stress is all too real. So, for those of you who know my pain and wrote down someone on your list who just popped the question or said an enthusiastic, emotional "yes" to the question, I've pulled together just a few ideas for you. Hopefully you'll be able to cross them off your list in no time!

And if you're looking for even more gift ideas, visit one of my Pinterest boards to help you get the gears turning! 

1. Coffee Mug

As with all planning and list-making, a mug of steaming coffee (or tea!) is a must. You can help make the bride feel a little more giddy about her upcoming nuptials with this cute personalized mug with her wedding date. Even if she doesn't have her date set yet, the sweet "bride to be" reminder will make an excellent addition to her kitchen cabinets.

2. Cake Topper 

Oh, I love how enchantingly beautiful this cake topper is. I only wish I had seen these for my wedding! If your bride-to-be will be throwing an engagement party soon, make sure to include this as a sweet detail on the cake.

3. Custom Portrait

Everyone takes engagement photos, but this lovely custom portrait would make a unique addition to any couple's wall. I love how whimsical and romantic this couple looks. I think I might even ask for it myself for Christmas. ;)

4. Wedding Planning Notebook

If your bride-to-be is just starting her planning, this gorgeous notebook will guide her along the way! Complete with tabs, beautiful pages and helpful information, this planner will guide your couple friends to their dream wedding.

5. Tote Bag

This bag will be perfect for the bride on her wedding day! Not only is it a classy fun tote, but it's also huge for everything she needs to bring with her to the venue. Plenty of space for bridesmaids gifts, curling iron, makeup, guestbook, and anything else she might need!

6. Christmas Ornament

For the bride and groom who love to glam up their tree, this ornament would be a sweet addition - especially because it's personalized. Personalization always makes the season sweeter!

7. Milestone Cards 

These sweet cards would be so fun to include as a stocking stuffer for your bride-to-be. She can keep track of how many more months until she gets to say "I Do!"

8. Wedding Checklist

For the more minimal, laid-back bride who doesn't want a whole planner, this helpful little checklist can keep her right on track. Everything she needs to worry about is in a compact space and includes checkboxes that feel oh so satisfying to check!

9. Wedding Shower Thank You Cards

The future bride will be receiving mounds of gifts over the next few months. She'll also be thanking friends and family for their help with her big day. Give her special, personalized thank you cards so she's ready to show her gratitude all throughout her wedding season.

10. Subscription to Southern Weddings

Pinterest is helpful, but there is something about seeing wedding inspiration on the glossy pages of a magazine that brings inspiration to life. Subscribe your bride-to-be to a year long (or however long her engagement is!) inspirational boost in her mailbox with Southern Weddings magazine.

How many thank you cards will I need?

Pretty soon, you'll be headed into months full of bridal showers, gifts and parties. As you review your to do list before diving in, you see the next box to check off is "buy thank you cards." After searching a bit on Etsy, you find the right ones at the right price that'll get to you in time, but as you're checking out, you see that dreaded "quantity" box. How many should you order? You don't want to order too many and have to throw them all away after you're no longer the "future mrs." but you also don't want to order too few and throw off your schedule of writing thank you cards. You decide that you'll get to it later and push it off, which makes you even more stressed out when you realize after your first shower that you don't have thank you cards, nor the time to buy them. Or you order far more than you need, which pushed your budget a little too far, and you end up throwing away half of them.

Wedding planning can be stressful enough as it is. Knowing how many thank you cards to buy shouldn't be! A lot of brides ask me while checking out if they can re-order later because they just aren't sure or are struggling to even purchase because they don't know. Well, today, hopefully I can help!

Every wedding, of course, is different. Some will be small elopements and others, grand masterpieces. Wherever you fall, this formula should help you in purchasing your thank you cards.

1. Estimate your "pre-wedding numbers." 

First, get a rough estimate of how many showers you'll be attending and how many people will be attending. This will be your "pre-wedding" number when you'll need "future mrs." cards.

2. Find your "post-wedding numbers." 
Next, subtract that number with each family and/or couple you're inviting to the wedding. Assuming everyone will give you a gift, this will be your post-wedding number when you'll need "mr. and mrs." cards.

3. Allow some wiggle room. 
Finally, increase your numbers by around 10% for any out-of-town guests who can't make it to either a shower or the wedding. This is especially helpful for that crazy aunt you forgot about who found out on Facebook that you're engaged and suddenly surprises you with a heavy casserole dish in the mail. There's always that one!

Even if you do get your numbers wrong, however, your guests won't be waiting by the mailbox for their thank you card. If it takes an extra week or two to get your thank you's out, it's OK! They understand you would rather be snuggled on the couch with your new hubby anyway.

Four Steps to Less Stress on Pinterest

We've all been there. Scrolling through hundreds or even thousands of beautifully curated pins and all you can think is, "How am I going to do this?" You can't pick a color, a theme, or a dress. You thought you had settled on a sweet and quaint wedding in a beautifully lit barn with mason jars and cowboy boots until you saw a pinned image of a downtown city loft that boasts exposed brick and antique chandeliers. All of this Pinterest inspiration makes you feel stuck, so you sigh, close your laptop shut and decide to think about it tomorrow.

Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration, but without a little strategy, it can turn into a black hole of frustration, overwhelm and decision paralysis. Today, we're going to talk about how to use Pinterest to plan your wedding. If you approach it with intention, you'll have your dream wedding in easy reach.

Before we start, it's important to note there are two ways to use Pinterest: for inspiration and for planning. With inspiration, you pin hundreds, maybe thousands, of images. Anything you think looks beautiful with one swiping glance makes it on the board. You click that bright red "pin" button with abandon. This is the strategy I use for my business. My hope is to inspire you to make your wedding a little more special, not only with my cards but also with pinned images.

Planning, however, requires deliberate action and strategy. Planning means you're willing to study images and make a concrete plan. Planning helps you move past ideas and into action.

So, today, I'll show you four easy steps to plan your wedding:

1. Make boards for each category that are important to you. 

If you're struggling with decision paralysis, you'll go crazy making boards for everything. Talk with your groom and together, decide what is most important to you both. The dress, the venue, the meal? Make boards based off of those important features.

2. Limit your pins to 5-10. 

Yes, and be ruthless. Things don't make it on the board unless you drop dead love them. They made you gasp and maybe even tear up a little. This process may take a few days or weeks. Be OK with pinning images, then looking at them again the next day or week and taking them off if they didn't strike you as hard as before.

3. Include in the comments what you like about each item. Find the common denominators. 

After your most loved images are pinned, include in the comments on each image why you like it. Is it the color? The textures? The couples' expressions? Be detailed and write as much or little as you'd like. After writing in the comments, review each image. Are there common denominators or themes? If you were struggling over a rustic vs. city theme, ask yourself which images did you pin more? If you're seeing mason jars, bright blue ribbon and outdoor spaces in your images, you probably want a rustic wedding.

4. Take your inspiration off of Pinterest. 

Now that you've seen your common themes, make a game plan. How will you incorporate that into your wedding? Pull out a piece of paper and write it down.

For example: 

Let's say you have a few ideas about your bouquet, but not sure yet what to tell your florist (or order online - no shame!). The first step is to pin a few images to your "bouquet" board. Remember, though, don't go crazy - limit yourself to between 5-10 images.

After you've pinned, go back to your board and comment on each image why you like it. As you make notes, you'll see common threads.

For my bouquets, I noticed that I love soft pinks mixed with white and green. A natural and loose arrangement with varying heights is more appealing to me, as well, instead of a tightly pinned bouquet.

If I were ordering flowers, I would now know three important attributes of my bouquet.

Colors: soft pink, white and green
Arrangement: loose with varying heights
Flower types: ranunculus and peonies

And that's it!

Planning a wedding doesn't have to be stressful and Pinterest can be an invaluable tool to make the process a little more smooth and sweet.

happy july!

It's a new month and I have been savoring the sweetness that is summer. Sun-induced freckles, juicy watermelon and Warby Parker prescription sunglasses

Although June's pace has slowed, we're still trying to keep a healthy church-school-work balance. Pool + good friends + good food + good books have all been on our agenda, although it has been a bit of a learning curve. Sometimes, it takes work to rest well. 

I have a few Tabitha Shop goals for July. They all are primarily concerned with prepping for Christmas. I'll be working on improving my photography and learning Etsy SEO. All in a bathing suit, of course. 

Hope you enjoy your July and your calendar download!  

if monet planned a wedding...

Oh, I could just stare at Impressionist paintings all day, every day. Each brush stroke so intentional and still so carefree. And they all form together to create a breathtaking scene. Today's wedding colors are a little more dark and a little more neutral, taken from Monet's Grainstack. But I absolutely love them! I even created a Pinterest board  inspired by this look. Happy planning!