11 Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids

 bridesmaid proposal ideas

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These girls have stuck by your side through thick and thin. They helped you pick out curtains for your new apartment; road tripped with you for a summer getaway to the beach; and, helped you get through middle school. You want your best friends right beside you as bridesmaids when you start a new season of life, so asking them should be as creative and sweet as your friendship. Below are ten ideas for the perfect ask! 


1. Bridesmaid Card

I love making these cards. The fact that they're personalized makes them all the more special! I've even had a few customers choose different designs for each of her girl's personalities. Love it! Pair any of these gifts below with a card and you've got a sweet and simple ask. 

2. Your favorite wine

I personally have not tried this wine, but their mission is so easy to get behind. This particular shiny bottle provides 15 meals to kids in need. They also offer options for wedding catering and to buy them in bulk. Definitely worth checking out! 

3. Jewelry

You can never lose with minimal jewelry! Giving your girls something to wear on your big day is sweet. But, to make sure they really get some wear out of it, choose a necklace or earrings perfect for every day too. 

4. Favorite scented candle

Mmmm, I have my fall candle going right beside me and it is my favorite. Gift your girls a decadently scented candle and they'll definitely say yes. ;) 

5. Personalized hanger

These hangers make perfect photos for your big day. Gorgeous robes draping off of them, or each of their mismatched dresses - whatever you hang on them, the photos will turn out stunning. 

6. Floral robe

You've probably seen these beauties all over Pinterest. And it's because they're beautiful, comfortable, and make gorgeous photos. Personalize them with your maid's initials or "maid of honor", etc. Or, just keep them plain and simple. You can't go wrong either way. 

7. Personalized champagne flute

Perfect for toasting before the ceremony and for years afterward! 

8. Cookies

Are your girls sugar addicted? Then these will be perfect to pop the question! You could definitely purchase or make them on your own! 

9. Donuts

I sincerely hope this donut trend never, ever dies. This is perfect to ask your donut-loving friend to stand by your side. Get each girl their favorite donut and package in a sweet box just like this. Top it off with a bridesmaid proposal card and you're all ready to go! 

10. Personalized ring dish

The simplicity of these ring dishes is just perfect. They're super affordable too, so if you're aiming to have 7+ bridesmaids, these ring dishes will be perfect to ask! 

11. A Bridesmaid Box

Or, if you just can't decide on what to get, just get it all! These boxes are fantastic to ask. You could purchase this one, or easily pull together your own, customized to each of your girls!