12 Unique Table Numbers (and holders!)

 table numbers for wedding 

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Let's talk table numbers! Those pretty little things you stick on every table to make sure your guests know where to put down their plate of chicken before busting a move on the dance floor. 

If you want to break out of the mold a bit and find alternative table numbers, I've pulled together 12 unique options to help you find your perfect one, as well as a few holder options too! Click any of the links below to find your perfect table numbers. 


These table numbers caught my eye because of the gold and acrylic combination. You could pair these with a similar styled plate or not. These are extremely versatile and very classy! 

wooden block table numbers by willie and dolly design

If you're planning a rustic wedding, these beautiful table numbers would look excellent on your tables! You could prop them up against a floral centerpiece to bring a little bit of color, too. 

laser cut numbers by the duo studio

Stick these beauties in a floral bouquet and you're finished! I love the styled simplicity of these. 

Rose Gold Numbers by The Letter Lab by Liv

These table numbers are advertised as rose gold, but they also have a hint of mauve to them (a color growing in popularity lately!) These are a unique twist on normal table numbers. 

marble hexagon table numbers

Uggghh. These guys are so incredibly adorable. They're pretty small, as you can tell, but they are are a sweet and classy way to usher guests to their tables. Put a few on the table if you're afraid it'll get lost with your other centerpiece items. 

Personalized Photo Table Numbers by Nostalgic Imprints

How perfect are these?! I'm all about infusing your personality into your own wedding and these table numbers are a perfect way to do that! Coordinate the table number with your age when the photo was taken for a sweet surprise. 


Acrylic forever! I'm loving this new trend and hope it doesn't go away any time soon. You can easily prop these up against your floral centerpieces or use one of the holders below. 

wire table numbers by the letter loft uk

Don't you just love these?! They are so unique. And you could easily re-use them in your home later if you wanted, like hanging them from the front of your home as house numbers or as decorations on a shelf. 


These table numbers would be perfect for a boho, casual wedding. The unique numbers design on the vinyl creates a stunning, manly look. Balance it out with some pretty pink florals and you have a perfect table scape. 

gold and white scalloped table numbers by pom joy fun

I love these playful numbers! The scalloped edges are an unexpected touch that will make your tables stand out beautifully. 

mirror table number by z create design

These circle mirrors are so stunning and unassuming! They'd be gorgeous next to a floral centerpiece or nestled in a silk ribbon runner. 




Gold Filigree Holder by Filigree Flare

These holders are so sweet and perfect for lifting up your paper table numbers! 

copper table number holders by country chapel

I love how unique these holders are. Nestle your paper table numbers right in there for an unexpected look. And pair with copper dinnerware or plates too! 

Wooden Table Number Holders by Sassafras Grove Studio

These walnut beauties are so stunning, especially when you slip in a white table number. The contrast will be striking! 

tree stump holders by rabar berry

Love how cute these little guys are! They're perfect for a rustic or outdoor wedding. 

If you're not feelin' any of these or you'd rather go a little bit cheaper option, click below to download your own free, printable table numbers!